Why You Here

Why You Here

The show crashes celebrities' party at home where the stars can be most relaxed. Kim Shin-young and three party crashers look around every corner of the celeb's house to get a glimpse of his or her life. They also experience some food that can be tasted only at the home party. Various hosts, from a world-renowned star to a rookie boy-band, welcomes the crashers to have a fun time and pleasant conversation. Check out your favorite stars' parties now!
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Variety;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Han Hye Jin (1981)

    Han Hye Jin (1981)

  • Kim Hee Cheol (1983)

    Kim Hee Cheol (1983)

  • Kim Shin Yeong (1984)

    Kim Shin Yeong (1984)

  • Austin Kang (1990)

    Austin Kang (1990)

  • Don Spike (1977)

    Don Spike (1977)

  • Sol Bi (1984)

    Sol Bi (1984)

  • Bae Jin Yeong (CIX) (2000)

    Bae Jin Yeong (CIX) (2000)

  • Lee Byoung Gon (CIX) (1998)

    Lee Byoung Gon (CIX) (1998)

  • Kim Seung Hoon (CIX) (1999)

    Kim Seung Hoon (CIX) (1999)

  • Yoon Hyeon Seok (CIX) (2001)

    Yoon Hyeon Seok (CIX) (2001)

  • Kim Yong Hee (CIX) (2000)

    Kim Yong Hee (CIX) (2000)

  • Min Kyeong Hoon (1984)

    Min Kyeong Hoon (1984)

  • Kim Eun Yeong (Cheetah) (1990)

    Kim Eun Yeong (Cheetah) (1990)


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