'X-Garion' is a strong and mysterious (imaginary animal) entity with infinite power. They choose and empower the people of Earth according to their standards, which will allow the person who gained the power to be reborn as a warrior of X-Garion.

It chooses people to be its champions, and those who gain this power can be reborn as the warriors of X-Garion. The power manifests in the form of the four sacred beasts; the White Tiger, the Blue Dragon, the Turtle, and the Phoenix. X-Garion gives that amazing power to Gaon, Hangyeol, Maru, and Tori to defend the Earth. The evil warriors of the opposing Black Army Corps have raided the Earth to collect shards of X-Garion’s powers called Mega Stones and the X-Garion Warriors have to save Earth from this crisis. Their story begins now.

Also Known As: 엑스가리온
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Genres: Tokusatsu;
Airs: 2019

Cast more

  • Jeong Chan Hoon (1973)

    Jeong Chan Hoon (1973)

  • Oh Na Mi (1984)

    Oh Na Mi (1984)

  • Kim Jae Man (1973)

    Kim Jae Man (1973)

  • Song Yeong Jae (1965)

    Song Yeong Jae (1965)

  • Kang Julien (1982)

    Kang Julien (1982)

  • Kim Jeong Min (1968)

    Kim Jeong Min (1968)


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