You Are My Destiny (2020)

You Are My Destiny (2020)

Two people living on "parallel lines" were never meant to interact, but an unanticipated meeting transforms them into each other's destiny.

On a cruise ship bound for Hungary, fledgling art editor Chen Jiaxin meets the highly-educated Wang Xiyi, heir to a huge conglomerate. Flaring passions are quickly followed by 'I do's'. Then shortly after the wedding Chen Jiaxin becomes pregnant. She prioritizes family over her career before suffering a miscarriage.

Heartbroken, she journeys to Hungary alone. There she endures trials and tribulations. But with perseverance and help from friends, she becomes an accomplished potter. Meanwhile, over seven years of separation Wang Xiyi has matured into someone capable of raising a family.

Since so much time has passed, history and possibility converge when the two meet by chance in Hungary.

Country: Chinese
Status: Completed
Genres: Comedy; Drama; Family; Romance;
Airs: 2020

Cast more

  • Xing Zhao Lin (1997)

    Xing Zhao Lin (1997)

  • Liang Jie (1994)

    Liang Jie (1994)

  • Jinna Fu (1995)

    Jinna Fu (1995)

  • Li Jiu Lin (1994)

    Li Jiu Lin (1994)

  • Chang Long (1990)

    Chang Long (1990)

  • Wang Qian (1996)

    Wang Qian (1996)

  • Lin Feng Song (1996)

    Lin Feng Song (1996)

  • Liu Xue Hua (1959)

    Liu Xue Hua (1959)

  • Liu Lin (1974)

    Liu Lin (1974)

  • Ju Zhao Jie (1962)

    Ju Zhao Jie (1962)

  • Zhou Jun Chao (1995)

    Zhou Jun Chao (1995)

  • Wang De Shun (1936)

    Wang De Shun (1936)

  • Cai Gang

    Cai Gang

  • Wang Gang (1948)

    Wang Gang (1948)

  • Crawdia Chou (1990)

    Crawdia Chou (1990)

  • Wang Lei (1992)

    Wang Lei (1992)

  • Wei Ai (1955)

    Wei Ai (1955)



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