Your Neighbor's Wife (2013)

Your Neighbor's Wife (2013)

Imagine a charming person moves in next door and starts flirting with you! A married couple was once very much in love. However, after spending a long time together, they have become indifferent toward one another and are desperately in need of something new. Song Ha is a competent working woman with two children, married to Sun Kyu, a narrow-minded idealist. One day, a couple moves in next door. One is Kyung Joo, a dedicated housewife who is all about housekeeping and supporting her family, and the other is her husband Sang Shik, a patriarchal man. Song Ha and Sun Kyu, who were frustrated with each other, are attracted to their new neighbors, who are totally different from their spouses. What will these couples get up to with their whirlwind of emotions? They have nowhere to run or hide! From romance to sexy comedy, mystery, and even thrilling situations!
Country: Korean
Status: Ongoing
Airs: 2013

Cast more

  • Shin Eun Kyeong (1973)

    Shin Eun Kyeong (1973)

  • Yeom Jeong Ah (1972)

    Yeom Jeong Ah (1972)

  • Jeong Joon Ho (1969)

    Jeong Joon Ho (1969)

  • Kim Yoo Seok (1967)

    Kim Yoo Seok (1967)

  • Yoon Ji Min (1977)

    Yoon Ji Min (1977)

  • Yeom Dong Heon (1968)

    Yeom Dong Heon (1968)

  • Jeong Han Yong (1954)

    Jeong Han Yong (1954)

  • Kim Boo Seon (1961)

    Kim Boo Seon (1961)

  • Lee Se Chang (1970)

    Lee Se Chang (1970)

  • Yang Jin Woo (1979)

    Yang Jin Woo (1979)

  • Yoon Hong Bin (1994)

    Yoon Hong Bin (1994)

  • Im Je No (1998)

    Im Je No (1998)

  • Lee Han Na (1998)

    Lee Han Na (1998)

  • Seo Yi Sook (1967)

    Seo Yi Sook (1967)

  • Kim Jeong Hak (1972)

    Kim Jeong Hak (1972)

  • Lee Byeong Joon (1964)

    Lee Byeong Joon (1964)

  • Kim Yong Hee (1973)

    Kim Yong Hee (1973)

  • Min Kyeong Jin (1955)

    Min Kyeong Jin (1955)

  • Moon Bo Ryeong (1983)

    Moon Bo Ryeong (1983)

  • Im Shi Eun (1997)

    Im Shi Eun (1997)

  • Kim Seung Yoon (2001)

    Kim Seung Yoon (2001)

  • Lee Ja Min (1987)

    Lee Ja Min (1987)



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