BTS Shares Thoughts On Military Enlistment

On April 21, CBS’s “Sunday Morning” released their exclusive interview on BTS.
One of many topics BTS discussed during the interview, alongside their music, international achievements, and more, was the inevitable military enlistment they face.
The interviewer Seth Doane first asked for their opinions on eventually having to serve in the military. According to CBS, Jin responded, “As a Korean, it’s natural. And, someday, when duty calls, we’ll be ready to respond and do our best.”
Seth Doane continued the interview by asking if they worry about the group breaking off, separating, or going different ways. CBS translated Jungkook’s answer as, “I don’t want to think about it at this point. We have something really good going.”
RM added, “That’s the answer. We just enjoy the ride, live in the moment. That’s all we can do.”
Watch the full interview below:
Source: Soompi
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