[C-Drama]: Luhan with Wu Lei as the dual leads of Cross Fire

Good news for fans of the adorable singer-turned-actor, Luhan. If you miss him on the small screen like I do, then today is our lucky day! Luhan is indeed joining Wu Lei as the dual leads of the upcoming drama Cross Fire
Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk
There have been rumors about Luhan's casting for some time. However, the cast of Wu Lei, Dai Luwa, Liu Shuailiang and Pan Meiye started filming in Shenzhen last month without Luhan. In today's Tencent event held on June 11, 2019, Wu Lei took the honors to introduce Luhan as part of the cast. 
Lee Jong Suk
Luhan talked about his role in the series, describing his character, Xiao Feng, as a passionate man when it comes to his beliefs and mentioned that he can be very persistent. He added that his character and Wu Lei's are practically soulmates! When asked about what he meant, Wu Lei and Luhan explained that although their characters have never physically met, they are somewhat connected because of some strange act of fate. Hmm, good way to raise up our intrigue-o-meter, boys!
The camaraderie between the two is not a surprise since they have known each other and hung out even before this project.
Lee Jong Suk
Cross Fire revolves around two gamers. Wu Lei's character Lu Xiaobei is from the year 2019. He is an aspiring e-sports athlete who is good at what he does. However, due to an accident, he loses his shot to become a professional player. Luhan portrays Xiao Feng from the year 2008. He is a beaten down, seasoned player who is desperately trying to keep his team together. Albeit living in different times, the two chance upon each other and come to form a friendship as they the show follows their in-game adventures.
For gaming enthusiasts like myself, this definitely looks awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing what challenges await our handsome heroes. 
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