[C-Drama]: Yang Zi and Li Xian's Opposite Reactions to an Unscripted Kiss in "Go Go Squid"


As they say, the best comes unexpected and even though there are many sweet moments in Go Go Squid, this might apply to the "unscripted" happenings in the filming of the Chinese romantic-comedy.


yang zi li xian go go squid


The drama stars the adorable Yang Zi and charismatic Li Xian in the leading roles of Tong Nian and Han Shangyan. During the filming for a scene where Han Shangyan walks Tong Nian to the door to see her off, Yang Zi suddenly runs towards her co-star and kisses him, yet the actor's response wasn't so positive because he flinches before the smooch. The scene ends with everyone laughing. Yang Zi begrudgingly chides Li Xian and says that it's too awkward for her. She wanted to kiss him, but he avoided it and it was making her look bad.


yang zi go go squid


But don't worry, it had nothing to do with the actress' lips or whatever. In Li Xian's defence, everyone in the crew and Yang Zi knew about the kiss except for him! He even thought that she was going to hit him, thus the flinching. Watching the video made me burst into giggles. 


li xian go go squid


But to be fair, this isn't the only time that one of the stars didn't know that they would have to lock lips because a similar situation happened before where it was the actress that was clueless. When Li Xian suddenly went in for the kiss, Yang Zi is wide-eyed in surprise since there was no kiss in the script. 


yang zi li xian kiss


It takes her a few seconds to react and she tries to stifle her laughter. I really find her reaction cute. Props to her quick-thinking - this is the reaction they were going for.


yang zi li xian kiss


Li Xian also tells the director that they should've told him directly because the strategy works on Yang Zi but not on him. Still, the behind the scenes reveal that the two stars had a good laugh about it. Hmm, I'm curious how it'll looks like when it's shown (that's tonight!). Cheers to more impromptu, sweet scenes!