Celebrities Express Sorrow Over Sulli’s Passing [Part I]

Updated October 15 KST:
In response to the news of Sulli’s passing, Kang Ji Young posted on her Instagram, saying, “Everyone is going to remember your smile.”
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너의 미소 모두가 다 기억할거야

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Hong Suk Chun posted a photo he took with Sulli, saying, “To think this would be my last photo with you… I said we should stick through it together, but I’ve become a bad [friend] who let you go without even saying goodbye. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I hope you are no longer hurting in that place, and I hope you can spend your time doing whatever you want. I’ll remember the beautiful you exactly as you were. It’s a sad night.”
Sunday said on her Instagram, “I love you too, Jin Ri.. I couldn’t respond to you that day in Kondae because I was too embarrassed.. I’m sorry I never bought you mango bingsoo (shaved ice). I’m going to see you tomorrow. To everyone who hurt you. Life is a boomerang.”
Updated October 15 KST:
Goo Hara has posted on Instagram to share photos with her close friend Sulli. She included an open-ended sentence in her caption that translates literally as, “In that world, as Jin Ri wants to do.” Jin Ri is Sulli’s given name (also spelled “Jilli”), and Goo Hara’s sentence could be interpreted as, “In that world, I hope Jin Ri does what she wants to do.”
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그 세상에서 진리가 하고 싶은 대로 ..

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Gyuri also posted on her Instagram following Sulli’s passing. She wrote, “A beautiful and cheerful person. It’s difficult to express how I’m feeling in words. I hope the world will become a bit more tolerant to everyone.”
U-KISS’s Jun wrote, “You went through so much… I hope you will not be concerned about anything there and I hope you will be really happy, noona. Rest in peace now.” “Noona” is a term used by men when addressing older sisters or female friends.
Original Article:
Celebrities and friends of Sulli have expressed their feelings of sorrow and shock over her sudden passing on October 14.
Amber thanked everyone for their thoughts and announced that she will be putting her upcoming activities on hold.
Ku Hye Sun shared a post on Instagram that reads, “Sleep well, baby Sulli. I love you.”
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Ahn Jae Hyun expressed his shock over the news as he wrote, “It can’t be, it can’t be, right.. right, it can’t be? ….. on the internet .. the articles are weird, right? This doesn’t feel real so it’s me that’s weird because I’m taking too much medicine now, right .. I’m the one that’s weird, right ……..”
Former AOA member Mina shared a photo with Sulli and wrote, “Jin Ri, don’t be sick, don’t suffer, let’s be happy.”
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진리야 아프지말고 고통받지말고 행복하길..

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