Chae Dong Hyun will appear on OCN's new drama "Watcher"

May 21, 2019


On January 21, Chae Dong Hyun's management agency said, "Chae Dong Hyun will appear on OCN's new Saturday drama 'Watcher'." 


'Watcher' is an internal inspecting thriller that reveals the realities of power by three men and women involved in the tragedy as corruption investigation team that digs the corruption of the police. Early, Han Seok Kyu, Seo Kang Joon and Kim Hyun Joo have confirmed their appearances and are attracting attention. 


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Chae Dong Hyun has proved her presence with her unique natural and realistic acting ability by appearing in "Doctor Prison", "My Mister", "The Good Wife". In the recently completed KBS 2TV drama 'Doctor Prisoner'. Chae Dong Hyun has been thoroughly digested and has received a keen interest in his presence based on solid acting. 


Chae Dong Hyun, who continues to lead the day with captivating viewers' minds at once, with his unique digestive power and impressive acting on each work, is expecting and attracting the audience with what kind of acting he is going through. 


'Watcher' is scheduled to be broadcasted first in July. 


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