Character posters for SBS's Drama 'Nokdu Flower '

Lee Jong Suk
In the first poster, we see older brother Baek Yi-kang (played by Jo Jung-seok) wearing peasant attire and staring intently into the camera. As an illegitimate son, he spent his life being treated as second class. People called him by pronouns like “him” or “you” instead of by his name. Despite the challenges in his life, he doesn’t let himself stay resigned to his circumstances and gradually rises up as a leader in the rebellion. The caption on his poster is written in the character’s Jeolla saturi, “If we really do this, that new world will come true, right?”
Lee Jong Suk
The second poster is of younger brother Baek Yi-hyun (played by Yoon Shi-yoon). He’s dressed in yangban clothing with a gat, but he holds a rifle and aims it at the camera. The character also dreams of a new and better world. However, his dream of a better world instigates a drastic and fateful change in his life. On his poster, the caption reads, “It is civilization that will reform people and change the world.”
Lee Jong Suk
The third poster shows Song Ja-in (played by Han Ye-ri) standing tall and staring at the camera with a keen eye. Daughter of a merchant, but also a business owner herself, she is a steely and competent innkeeper. On the poster, her caption is also in Jeolla saturi, “I’m a merchant who lives to make a profit. I’ll just live the life I was born into. ”
SBS Nokdu Flower  premieres on April 26, and will be airing Fridays and Saturdays on SBS.
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