“Devilish Joy” Production Company Clarifies Plans About Outstanding Payments For Cast

Dec 29, 2018

The production company behind “Devilish Joy” has responded to concerns about some of the cast’s unpaid wages.
In October, the drama’s production company Golden Thumb Pictures stated that payments to the cast would be finished by November. However, it has been reported that not of all of the cast has been paid yet. While actors Choi Jin Hyuk and Hoya (Lee Ho Won) have reportedly been paid in full, other cast members including their co-stars Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon are awaiting payment.
On December 28, one source stated, “The impact of the ‘Devilish Joy’ cast’s outstanding payments is greater than you may think. In particular, their company paid for staff members during the filming period of the drama, as the main actors did not receive even a cent. The damages amount to tens of millions of won [approximately tens of thousands of dollars].”
Usually, wages for dramas are paid out three times: before filming, during filming, and at the end of the drama. However, some actors did not receive payment at any point. Furthermore, it costs tens of millions of won for actors’ hair, make-up, clothes, cars, and managers that are used for at least three months when the drama is filmed. The money for this is usually provided in the actors’ wages, but there was no payment given by the production company, so the agency had no choice but to pay for everything.
A source from “Devilish Joy” stated, “Golden Thumb Pictures will pay everyone by December 31.” A source also said, “We previously sent the payment, however due to an error the money went into another account, and we are in the process of resolving that.”
In regards to the payment of Choi Jin Hyuk, they clarified, “It’s not true that his full payment was given because of a connection with his agency. The reason is just that there was a condition in his contract that he was to receive full payment before the show aired.”
Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon’s agencies shared that because of that promised date, they are waiting and not taking any action yet.

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