Drama 19+ many hot scenes set a record, rating surpasses 'Itaewon Class'


"The World of the Married" is a rookie on the current Korean drama race. The film replaces Itaewon Class, which airs every Friday and Saturday evening at JTBC.

Only broadcast two episodes, the work has shown remarkable acceleration, surpassing "Itaewon Class". Opening the first episode with a rating of 6.6%, and the second episode with 9.9%, an increase of 3.3%. The film is getting close to a 2-digit rating, though it is just at the inception.


Phim 19+ nhieu canh nong lap ky luc, vuot xa 'Tang lop Itaewon' hinh anh 1 The_gioi_hon_nhan_4.jpg


Compared to the recent hit series like Crash Landing On You, The Itaewon Class, even the most popular in cable channel history like SKY Castle (2019), the achievement that "The World of the Married" has achieved. There seems to be no competition.

Itaewon class had to go to episode 4 to reach the rating of over 9%. Crash Landing On You takes more time, reaching 9% in episode 7 or SKY Castle to episode 9, the new drama set the record as above. It can be said that the figure of 9.9%, or nearly 10% right in the second episode of The World of The Married is rare for works broadcast on cable.

JTBC's new film has been labeled 19+ for the first 6 episodes because it contains some hot scenes. "The World of The Married" explores family, marriage, adultery. The main character of the series is successful female doctor Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae). In her convergence of the qualities of a model wife, mother: Beautiful, talented, rich and courageous. Ji Sun Woo has a warm family with his handsome husband Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) and a son.


Phim 19+ nhieu canh nong lap ky luc, vuot xa 'Tang lop Itaewon' hinh anh 2 The_gioi_hon_nhan_1.jpg


Right from the first episode, Ji Sun Woo's beautiful marriage broke because she discovered her husband having an affair. She struggled with her husband's lover, and struggled between two options: divorce or continued marriage, so that the son would have a complete home.

The World of The Married has a fast-moving, closely linked episode. Covering the series is a tense, thrilling atmosphere, when the secrets and the true faces of the characters are constantly revealed. The biggest plus point of the work is the performance of a star cast including Kim Hee Ae, Park Hae Joon, Kim Young Min ...

As planned, the next episode of The World of The Married will air on April 2 on cable channel jTBC.