Famous bromance couples on Korean dramas make audience love


1. Lee Jong Suk - Kim Woo Bin in School 2013


Before participating in the film School 2013, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin had known each other before as colleagues on the catwalk. When both were still talented models, they were still not close and friendship only stopped at the social level. It was not until they joined in the famous school film series that the two had the opportunity to interact more and more closely.


Quen biết nhau lúc còn là người mẫu.


In School 2013, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin played good friends Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo. Both have unfortunate misunderstandings in the past leading to consecutive confrontation in high school. However, with great friendship and honesty, they gradually dispelled the eyes as well as became friends again. The honest acting and great chemistry of the two boys created great effects and were loved by the audience even after the movie ended. Not only on film, in real life they have really become best friends in Korea until now. Recently, photos of the two's travels after a long time Kim Woo Bin stopped working to treat the leak leaked out, confirming their beautiful and lasting friendship.


gặp nhau ở phim trường School 2013.


Và từ đó đã trở thành bạn thân của nhau.


Hình ảnh gần đây của đôi bạn.


2. Park Seo Joon - Ji Sung in Kill Me Heal Me (2015)


In the 2015, drama Kill Me Heal Me on MBC's multi-personality topic, Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon created memorable moments for the audience with a series of funny scenes.


Ji Sung plays Cha Do Hyun, a multi-personality guy due to his emotional trauma as a child. Park Seo Joon meanwhile plays Oh Ri On, the fake brother of the female lead. It will not be worth mentioning if this is a normal love triangle story until the personality of Ahn Yona in Do Hyun has the opportunity to appear. Yona is very fierce and "love boys", in every scene of "her" is always the work of following Ri On always makes the audience laugh. The role of Yona was handled very sweetly by Ji Sung, he had a good juggling with Seo Joon so each scene that both appear always made the viewership rate suddenly increase. The audience loved the couple so much that they won the "Best Couple" award on the night of the 2015 MBC Awards.


Bén duyên trong Kill Me Heal Me.


Do Hyun sở hữu 7 nhân cách.


Nhân cách Yona mê mệt Ri On.



The Best Couple 2015 MBC


3. Song Joong Ki - Jin Goo in Descendants of the Sun (2016)

The two first met in the drama "Descendants of the Sun" by writer Kim Eun Sook and successfully portrayed the image of a duo that made the audience sobbing.

Song Joong Ki will play the role of Captain Yoo Si Jin, the leader of South Korea's special Alpha Task Force. As for Jin Goo, he will play Sergeant Seo Dae Young, who is both a subordinate and teammate and a confidant of Yoo Si Jin. The time together makes them understand each other very well, both turned into a pair of cards that are always together in every situation, including bad moments of crying and laughing. The audience not only loved by the humor when being together, but also admired the coolness in the dramatic action scenes of both. If Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo didn't win a couple at KBS's year-end awards ceremony, then Jin Goo would definitely be the perfect choice for him.


Hậu duệ mặt trời gây sốt năm 2016.


Bigboss và sói hoang.


Tình cảm chưa nè.


4. Nam Goong Min - Jun Ho in Chief Kim (2017)


Imagine of two crazy people together, not only but extremely funny but also extremely good idea. That's what describes the two characters of Nam Goong Min and Jun Ho in Chief Kim


In the drama, Nam Goong Min plays Kim Sung Ryong, a talented accounting guy who specializes in underground companies. It sounds like a bad person but Sung Ryong is quite mean and works with the motto of eating money from bad people. The tragic story happened when he went to work in China and had a clash with CFO Seo Yool (Jun Ho). So many fight situations laugh out loud, both of them attracted a huge audience. The duo has a good coordination, is "enemy" but also "friends" but a bit bumbling but at the same time very smart, fast. The Best Couple Award is a reward worthy for the interesting combination of the two actors.


Cặp đôi sở hữu độ “điên” trong phim.


Trưởng phòng Kim và Giám Đốc Seo.


Đạt Best Couple luôn nè.

Best Couple 2017


5. Gong Yoo - Lee Dong Wook in Goblin

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook first collaborated on tvN's hit drama Goblin, creating a fever that lasted until the end of the year. Gong Yoo takes on the role of the lovable goblin Kim Shin, who is punished and lives for centuries to wait for his bride. Lee Dong Wook plays the naive grim reaper - the afterlife of Wang Yeo. At the time of the meeting, the two became unjustly engaged in constant quarrels with only minor things. The childish personalities of the two gods always made laughter for the audience. The natural and sweet chemistry between the two made the fans unbearably excited and passionate. On the movie, the two of them are extremely "co-working", I really want them to work together in another work.


Bén duyên trong Goblin.


Nhưng hậu kiếp lại ngốc nghếch cùng nhau.


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