Hong Jong Hyun Speaks About Getting Injured While Filming New Movie

Apr 10, 2019

Hong Jong Hyun shared stories from shooting the upcoming movie “Again, Spring” (literal title).
Lee Jong Suk
On April 9, a press conference was held for the film with Lee Chung Ah, Hong Jong Hyun, Park Kyung Hye, Park Ji Bin, and director Jung Yong Joo in attendance.
In the film, Hong Jong Hyun portrays Ho Min, a character who holds the mysterious key to time traveling. About his character, a promising judo athlete, the actor said, “Since it’s a character who’s good at judo, I also became ambitious. I spent my free time at the gym. Unlike action scenes I’ve filmed in the past where I worked to be in sync [with the other person], we filmed the judo scenes on set as if I were actually sparring.”
He continued, “I overdid it while filming and slightly slipped two days before filming a specific scene. I felt personally regretful that I wasn’t able to show everything I had practiced because of that, but I still tried my best.”
“Again, Spring” is a time-rewind movie about a woman who loses her daughter and gets to relive the past every day in a world where time is reversed. The film premieres on April 17.
Source: Soompi