Im Chang Jung’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

Sep 21, 2019

Im Chang Jung’s agency has announced that they will be taking legal action against malicious commenters on behalf of the singer.
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On September 21, his agency YES IM Entertainment announced, “Malicious rumors and speculative comments about issues between Im Chang Jung’s former agency and concert production company, as well as his family, have gone too far.”
They continued to add, “Im Chang Jung has never used unlawful methods to gain additional profits from his concerts,” and “He has never acted in any disreputable way regarding his contract.”
When asked why they did not release an official statement regarding the various suits filed against Im Chang Jung’s former agency regarding his concerts, the agency stated, “As we are not directly involved in the legal dispute going on, we put our faith in the promise the former agency made that Im Chang Jung would not suffer any damages from the lawsuit and were holding on releasing an official statement.”
They concluded by stating, “Baseless accusations and malicious comments have led to severe defamation of character of Im Chang Jung and his family, so we will be taking strong legal action. We are currently collecting evidence based on continued monitoring and submissions, and we will soon be taking legal action.”
Source: Soompi