'Inspection civil war' Lee Sun-gyun and Jung Ryeo-won

Jul 25, 2019

Lee Sun-gyun and Jung Ryeo-won confirmed their appearances as the main characters of the JTBC New Moon drama ' 
The "Inspection civil war" broadcasted by JTBC at the end of 2019 is the office drama of the life test. 
I draw the story of ordinary 'worker inspectors' who live in a local city side rather than a brilliant legal person in the media.
Lee Sun-kyun, who recently proved that he is a master actor who believes in the movie 'Parasite' recently, appears in Lee Sung-woung, a life-affirming prosecutor, in this test. 
Lee Seon-woong, a member of the second branch of the police station, is looking for a good impression without feeling sorry for her. Lee Sun-gyun's distinctive warm and heavy acting tone boasts of his role and high syncro rate, so Lee Sun-kyun's appearance of Lee Sun-woong has already raised expectations. 
One day in the middle of the prosecution of the prosecutor ' Jung Ryeo-won, who has shown the charm of the pale color that crosses the genre in various works such as' Fat Melo 'and' Witch's Court ', is going to show off her perfect crush face in the' 
Based on the solid bestselling work, JTBC's 'Youth Age' series is based on a solid bestselling work, and the reunion of Lee Tae-won, director-creator Park Yeon-seon, It was the best anticipation.
The JTBC drama "Inspection civil war" will be broadcasted at the end of 2019.