"It’s Okay to not be okay": The script is hard but the plus point is that the acting is from Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji

Jun 26, 2020

"It’s Okay to not be okay" just aired two episodes and attracted the audience with a raiting 4.7%. The majority of the audience was fascinated by Kim Soo Hyun's acting, his comeback after enlistment was really impressive, Kim Soo Hyun was never out of hot because of his charisma and hypnotic eyes make people flutter. In the drama, Kim Soo Hyun plays Moon Kang Tae - a public health worker, who lives off an amount of 1.8 million won/month, he is very ordinary, just a nursing worker transferred to other hospitals, poor life but Kim Soo Hyun still makes the audience love because he is handsome.




Moon Kang Tae is a hard worker and always works hard for the patient, right away in a scene where he gently hugs the female patient and then she throws up all his shoulders and back but Kang Tae is patient and focused. Do your best to reassure her. Moon Kang Tae is like a small citizen who just wants to work hard and have money to take care of his brother, he doesn't want to get involved in the noisy and disregard of unrealistic material.




The second highlight is Seo Ye Ji, who is a story writer suffering from social personality disorder. A talented writer with many disabilities, according to Kang Tae, she is a person who lost her personality. Even so, it's impossible to deny Go Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) her character's charisma and aristocratic but inner complex. Through two episodes, every time Moon Young appeared, it was filled with a mysterious atmosphere, also so beautiful. Seo Ye Ji's appearance this time was a treat for the audience to a booming beauty party, carefully invested from expensive costumes and accessories.






Seo Ye Ji in the film transformed into the author of the children's comic Go Moon Young with a beautiful but chaotic inner mind stemming from past events, Seo Ye Ji has the opportunity to show her full acting ability full of transformations. Besides, the luxurious beauty, the good-looking face and the long long hair makes the audience praise.

"It's Okay to not be okay" episode 2, Go Moon Young was really fascinated by the nurse Kang Tae, that's why she came back from the city to find him and she was very brief "Because I remember you".





What did you come here for? - "I came because I missed you"