Jang Hyuk Suits As A Savage Anti-Hero In An Upcoming Neo-Noir Project

Oct 16, 2020


The upcoming film 강릉 Gangneung (working title) by screenwriter Yoon Young-bin, will display a cruel and villainous side of the actor.


Jang Hyuk


Gangneung is a neo-noir movie about gangsters who are motivated by their selfish interest to take over Gangneung. Chronicling the lives of gangsters, the movie will try to deconstruct the kind of world they live in. As outlaws of the society, their lives will be portrayed as a survival game on a daily basis.





Jang Hyuk will suit up for a character who adapted with a brutal and violent means to survive. Taking the role of Minseok, he is painted as someone with a cynical perspective of the world.


Being a loan shark has made him a fearsome figure in Gangneung. As a cold-blooded and bestial person, he preys mercilessly on the lowly people through the power of money.


The chameleon actor shared his thoughts about his new project. “It was new because it seems to be a new noir that I can show in 2020. Minseok is a character that can be interpreted three-dimensionally rather than flat, so it has come to be attractive, and I am looking forward to being able to draw dreamy and colorful while communicating with the director.”


After playing a series of heroic and endearing roles in the past, Jang Hyuk welcomed the idea of depicting a character with an antagonistic qualities. “I will be able to work with actors who are good at acting in a wonderful place called Gangneung. So I will try to express a convincing antagonist. So please look forward to it.”


Although he had previously portrayed a villainous character in Ordinary People as a manipulative person with a thirst for power, he is sure to give a different flavor to Minseok’s character in Gangneung.


Gangneung will start filming this October.


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