Ji Chang Wook - a talented handsome actor comes up from supporting roles

Jun 19, 2020


Ji Chang Wook is famous as a male star with outstanding appearance. He was selected to participate in many major Korean film projects. Ji Chang Wook was an orphan from a young age, living with his mother. Ji Chang Wook's journey to become a star acknowledges his tireless efforts


Ji Chang Wook also has the ability to sing. He has been invited to contribute voice in the soundtrack song "Empress Ki" - To butterfly. When he was in the army, he also surprised fans when he performed on the stage of Shinheung military academy musical ..


Ji Chang Wook is also one of the Korean stars with a clean private life. He rarely gets involved in love rumors with female actresses during 14 years of artistic activities. Ji Chang Wook once revealed that the secret to avoiding rumors is always being careful with every relationship: “It's not that I have never had a girlfriend. Like everyone else, I used to love. But I think it should be silently dating to avoid hurting both. ”


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After graduating with a majoring in Film, Ji Chang Wook started his career with a musical stage role in 2007. This is the first step to make Ji Chang Wook become one of the stars with fan base. crowded. The film marked his debut as an actor as a supporting role in the movie "Days" (2006).


Despite the appearance advantage, Ji Chang Wook also had to spend the first time sticking to the lackluster supporting roles in works such as "Heartstrings", "My too perfect son".


It was not until the first leading role in the movie "Smile, Dong Hae" - the most prominent television work in the first half of 2011 with a rating of 41%, Ji Chang Wook was really noticed by the audience. His handsome appearance and round acting helped him conquer the audience. Thanks to this role, he received the first award of his career - KBS "Best Actor"


He continued to challenge himself in Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Bachelor's Rau store ... and won many awards with the love of the audience. However, the film marked a turning point in the acting career, bringing the name of Ji Chang Wook to "Empress Ki".


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In 2015, Ji Chang Wook continued to attack the Korean screen and became a new action star as assassin Jung Hoo in "Healer". This is considered a difficult role, requiring a lot of complex action scenes and inner acting. In particular, in this work, Ji Chang Wook has done many dangerous scenes himself, without a stuntman. After "Healer", "The K2" is the next TV project that marks the success of Ji Chang Wook in this genre.


In 2017, Ji Chang Wook once again set a new record with the blockbuster action movie fantasy "Fabricated City". Thanks to his appearance, the film achieved a remarkable achievement when it topped the Korean box office and surpassed one million views in the first week of its opening.


In 2020, Ji Chang Wook will return in the drama project adapted from the famous webtoon "Backstreet Rookie" with Kim Yoo Jung. n this work, he will shake off the action image to become a cute, clumsy guy. Although the content is not new, the film is still expected by fans with the pairing of two famous and beloved Korean stars.


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