Ji Chang Wook And Won Jin Ah Tease Blooming Romance In “Melting Me Softly”

Sep 25, 2019

New stills have been released for “Melting Me Softly”!
The upcoming tvN drama is about Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) and Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) who participate in a science project of freezing humans for 24 hours, but due to mysterious circumstances, they wake up 20 years later.
The newly released images give another glimpse at the drama’s main actors. Ji Chang Wook is the variety show director Ma Dong Chan who participates in the experiment for his own program, while Won Jin Ah’s character Go Mi Ran joins the experiment due to Ma Dong Chan’s offer.
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One image shows the two sitting side by side on a bench. Won Jin Ah has a bright smile on her face, while Ji Chang Wook looks at her with a warm gaze.
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Due to side effects of the experiment, the two characters must maintain a normal body temperature of 31.5 degrees Celsius (approximately 88.7 degrees Fahrenheit) and not surpass 33 degrees Celsius (approximately 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to survive. This aspect will add an interesting twist to their romance.
“Melting Me Softly” is set to premiere on September 28 at 9 p.m.
Source: Soompi