Ji Chang Wook Said had Gained 12Kg in the Military, Fans: "Muscle Mass?"

Ji Chang Wook revealed more about his weight gain. 


On May 15th, Ji Chang Wook went live on 'V LIVE' to greet his fans. During the broadcast, the actor shared stories from the military and said, "A lot of things happened when I was in Cheorwon. For the first time in my life, I was trained outdoors with no showers for 4-5 days. It was hard but memorable." He continued, "I gained 12kg (26 lbs) in the military but I lost weight just before I discharged."



To this, Netizens commented that Ji Changwook gained weight because of his muscles. Not a few fans also think it would have been great if Ji Changwook can share his looks when he gained some weight back then. Fans' comments read "You should have shared it to us", "Muscle is heavier than fat, I would love to see your muscular body", "No matter you are slim or muscular, you are amazing, Ji Changwook", and more. 


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