[K-Drama]: 5 expensive scenes from the "Graceful Family"


Starting with a rating of 2.6% but ending with a record rating of 10.1%, "Graceful Family" is considered an unexpected success of MBN. With expensive scenes revolving around a large corporation, the film gave viewers a different view of the tycoon.


1. Corporations are not inferior to the FBI


Right from the first scenes, the audience was overwhelmed by the grandeur of the massive control apparatus not inferior to the national intelligence organizations like FBI or CIA of TOP - the organization that manages the members involved with MC. There, they control CCTV around the world, manipulate every system, locate electronic devices via satellites.



The organization is also extremely professional with a security team and secretarial staff available 24/7. Any wrongdoing and even breaking the laws of tycoons will be dealt with neatly by verbal, money or inhuman methods. It must be said that, "Graceful Family" had a pitch that made the audience bewildered by the wealth and monumental level at a new level of Korean tycoons.



2. Psychological battle on the dinner table


The appearance of the female lead Ma Seok Hee after 15 years disappeared as a big surprise to all family members. Right in the morning of the meeting, the heroine unleashed everything to confirm the true relationship of the family members as well as signal the return of her own.




From digging up the eldest's wife here for money or fame, to questioning the younger brother's origins, she not only made her stepmother face pale but also the father also got mad and vented his anger. everybody. But Ma Seok Hee did not stop but continued to provoke him with the claim that she did not like to leave. This is the first statement for the revenge of this beautiful girl later.


3. The paradox


If the death of "grandfather" - the head of the MC group was held modestly and silently to avoid the press and the ears of competitors, the death of Picasso - the ornamental fish of the family was so monumental that it was ridiculous. Witnessing the wreaths, memorial rites, visits by high-ranking officials and the grief of everyone, many viewers joked that the fish's fate is more than they



But the highlight of the scene is when the female lead appears in a brilliant red dress, drops the red rose into the water of the ritual of seeing off and claps to say goodbye. It is at this time that we see the ridiculousness of the funeral that everyone silently follows, which not only the audience can feel.



4. Shocking twist at the company meeting


If at first, Ma Seok Hee is considered to be the son of Mo Cheol Hee - the son of the chairman, the next heir of MC Group. During an important shareholder meeting, a bad news disturbed everything: Ma Seok Hee was actually the daughter of the late president - whom she had previously called "grandfather."



This is almost information that not only the characters in the movie but also the viewers are shocked and surprised because no one can think of this special situation. Indeed, the "Graceful Famil" screenwriter was so clever when he came up with such a turning point, pushing the whole film into a new, unpredictable direction. Thanks to that, Graceful Family has created a great attraction and achieved unexpected success.