[K-Drama]: Actor Kwak Dong Yeon makes a special appearance in 'Doctor Detective'.

Jun 25, 2019


The new drama 'Doctor Detective', which will be broadcast on July 17th, is a new medical investigation drama that shows the activities of "Doctor Detective" who solve the social absurdity of the industrial scene with delight. Especially, 'I want to know it' Park Jun-woo's PD is a 'social accusation drama', which is a collection of realistic and detailed differentiations, collecting topics before the broadcast. 


In 'Doctor Detective', Kwang Dong Yeon plays Jung Hallyang, a screen door repairman from a vocational high school. Jung Hagang is a subcontractor of TL Metro, but is a young worker who works hard, hoping that the company will soon be acquired and become a full-time employee. 


Kwak Dong Yeon received many acclaim for his character's character in acting. Especially, in 'Doctor Detective', Kwang Dong Yeon is going to leave a strong impression with the impact character as well as becoming a signal to an important episode opening drama. 


On the other hand, the social accusation drama 'Doctor Detective' based on the events that have orchestrated the social news side is going to be broadcast first after 'Absolute Guy'.