[K-Drama]: Best 5 Instagram Pictures Of IU’s Jang ManWol Of “Hotel Del Luna” Instagram Account

Aug 20, 2019


Do you know that IU has an Instagram account especially for Jang ManWol, her character in “Hotel del Luna“?


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If you visit this Instagram account (fullmoon.long), you will see beautiful, hilarious and sweet pictures of the daily life of Jang ManWol. There are pictures of IU but also of fellow actors and guests on the show.


What is interesting is that tvN, other actors and fan accounts are having fun in the comments too.


In all these great pictures, it was hard to choose but we made the best 5 posts to not miss. Let us know in the comment, which pictures you prefer!


1- A lovely shot

These three romantic pictures of the couple cannot be miss. In the caption, Jang ManWol/IU wrote: “I hope that the ending is not sad”. This is the exact thought of the majority of the viewers who are holding their breath as the ending of the drama is coming. Many are hoping for a #happyending.



2- The real state of Jang Man Wol


Jang ManWol looks delicate and elegant with her high fashion. But, she is also quite messy and with a strong character. In the picture, she is pissed off lying on the sofa with empty bottles of alcohol on the floor. In the caption, she wrote “Ah. How do I wait for another week again?! Such bullsh*t.”




3- A dark, mysterious and deadly picture


In this picture, she is posing with the Grim Reaper in this dark and mysterious shot. Let’s not forget that the drama is also a horror and thriller. The deadly vibe of the picture is no joke.




4- A crazy shot at the hotel


What is great with this Instagram account is that it is very diverse in content. In this picture, IU is taking dork pictures with fellow actress Bae Hae Sun. In the caption, she wrote: “You have to play with your boss at least at this level to become Del Luna most powerful employee.”




5- Friendly shot

With the past lives of IU, the production team made their way to the countryside to have the best shots. Here, she is with Lee DoHyun and Lee TaeSun taking cute and friendly pictures. In the caption, she wrote “childhood friends?”.