[K-Drama]: "Doctor Detective" released a haunting poster in a polluted environment

Jun 12, 2019

A new medical drama, "Doctor Detective," which debuted on July 17th, is a medical investigation about the activities of doctor detectives who solve the social absurdity of the industrial scene. 
Daughter and father are wearing gas masks in the middle of Seoul city filled with cloudy air in a teaser poster released on June 12. This means that the risk factors around us are close to the air. As the teaser poster with the main "You are already addicted" predicts, this drama deals with industrial disasters. Also "Doctor Detective", who can not let his daughter live in this world, is going to stimulate empathy with the maternal love of Do Jung Eun (Park Jin Hee).  
This drama draws the story that TL group reaches the truth that it wants to conceal while working as an occupational health doctor. She works with Heo Min Ki (Bong Tae Gyu) of Occupational Environment and Medical Sciences to discover the truths of industrial disasters, artificial environmental disasters, and occupational diseases. Choi Tae Young (Lee Ki Woo), the leader of the TL group, will meet with his wife and doctor during the investigation. 
The crew said, "I hope it will be a drama that can deliver a cool and heavy message like a cider. 
'Doctor Detective' will be broadcasted at 10 pm on July 17th following SBS drama 'Absolute Guy'.   
Lee Jong Suk