[K-Drama]: Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Sun Gyun confirmed their collaboration in 'Civil War of Prosecutors'.

Jul 25, 2019


On the morning of July 25, Korean media announced that actor Lee Sun Gyun and Jung Ryeo Won were confirmed to take on the leading role in JTBC's weekly film project. The drama is titled "Civil War of Prosecutors" (검사 내전) and is considered an office drama about the real story of prosecutors' daily life.


Jung Ryeo Won.Lee Sun Gyun.


"Civil War of Prosecutors" is based on the best-selling book of the same name, written by prosecutor Kim Woong. As you know, most prosecutors' dramas tend to show high challenges with unpredictable and unrealistic cases. However, Kim Woong has focused on the usual events, which occur every day in prosecuting offices across the country.



Ma nữ Jung Ryeo Won và Lee Sun Gyun xác nhận bén duyên trong phim Civil War of Prosecutors ảnh 2


Lee Sun Gyun has been cast as the prosecutor Lee Sun Woong, who works at the Prosecutor's Office in the local area. Outside, Sun Woong looked a bit sluggish and like he had no ambition in life, but his inner self was the complete opposite of what was revealed.


While, Jung Ryeo Won was chosen as the elite prosecutor Cha Myung Joo. She was rising up the successful ladder at the Central District Prosecutor's Office before being sent to a local branch office.