[K-Drama]: Kim Hye Yoon, Lee Jae Wook and SF9’s Rowoon Confirmed For Upcoming Drama "July Found by Chance"

Jun 10, 2019

What would you do if you found out that you were in fact a character in a comic? And an extra character on top of that? Change the course of the story, obviously!
Eun Danoh is a 17 year old high-school student from a wealthy family who suffers from a lifelong heart condition that inevitably means she will not live past her teenage years. However, when Danoh realizes she is experiencing long gaps in her memory as well, she comes into the unhappy inheritance of another fact in her life: she is a character in a Korean webtoon and all of her actions are predetermined by the artist who draws her. To make matters worse, she discovers she is only a supporting character in the cast. With her newfound understanding of the world she inhabits, she is determined to find true love in her own plot-line and circumvent the author’s plans for her character by utilizing the flashes of storyboard she alone is able to see.
Kim Hye Yoon will be making her first drama return after “SKY Castle” as Eun Dan Oh, the only daughter of a wealthy family. She is confident and brave, and she embarks on a journey to create her own destiny that is different from what is already set by the manhwa.
Rowoon will take on the role of Haru, a boy who falls madly in love with Eun Dan Oh. He plans to make viewers fall in love with him by showing perfect synchronization with his character in the original webtoon. Rowoon previously starred in dramas including “School 2017,” “About Time,” and “Where Stars Land,” but this will be his first leading drama role.
Lee Jae Wook will play Baek Kyung who is arranged by the manhwa to marry Eun Dan Oh. Lee Jae Wook made his debut with “Memories of the Alhambra,” and within a year of his debut, he took on his first leading drama role with tvN’s “Search: WWW.”
The drama set to premiere sometime in September.
Lee Jong Suk