[K-Drama]: Kim So Hyun's ‘Love Alarm’ released the first poster

Jul 29, 2019


On July 29, Netflix released the first poster for the upcoming drama "Love Alarm". In the poster, there are 3 main actors in the movie including Kim So Hyun, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram. All three are standing on the screen of a smartphone, having an app informing the user if someone nearby is sympathetic to them in a 10-meter radius.


Kim So Hyun, Song Kang và Jung Ga Ram


"Love Alarm" is a film adapted from one of the most famous webtoon in Korea by painter Chun Kye Young, the content revolves around young people who want to know the feelings of those around them in modern society. That interesting story begins with a phone application that can notify users if someone nearby has feelings for them in a 10-meter radius.


In the drama, Kim So Hyun will enter Kim JoJo, a bright and optimistic girl, never feeling discouraged, regardless of difficulty. Because her parents died, she had to live with her aunt, who managed a convenience store. Jo Jo works part-time at the store to help pay for living expenses. Despite her auspicious and indifferent discrimination, Jo Jo still lives a good and bright life.


‘Love Alarm’ của Kim So Hyun và 2 bạn diễn mỹ nam phát hành poster đầu tiên ảnh 1


Song Kang will play the role of Hwang Seon Oh, a wealthy student, nurtured by a carefree mother and a strict father, who seems to be difficult and cold outside, but inside is a guy with heart warm and weak. So, Seon Oh was hurt a lot and lacked experience in love. The person Seon Oh believed most was his best friend Hae Young, who was always with Seon Oh when he was in trouble.


‘Love Alarm’ của Kim So Hyun và 2 bạn diễn mỹ nam phát hành poster đầu tiên ảnh 3


Jung Ga Ram will play Lee Hye Young, Seon Oh's best friend and a kind, studious character. His mother worked as Seon Oh's housekeeper, where he and his mother lived. Hae Young is a strong person who is willing to give up everything for Seon Oh.


‘Love Alarm’ của Kim So Hyun và 2 bạn diễn mỹ nam phát hành poster đầu tiên ảnh 4


Love Alarm wil ble available on Netflix on August 22, 2019.