[K-Drama]: Lee Chung Ah confirmed starring upcoming drama 'VIP'

“VIP” is an office mystery drama that follows the growth of working women as they run into troubles but work to get back up and move forward again.
Lee Chung Ah is a VIP dedicated team ace and plays a role of 'Lee Hyun Ah', which has excellent business ability as well as dignified and attractive charm. A trendsetter who catches trends sooner than any other person quickly grasps the taste of VIP and recognizes his talent in a dedicated team by handling sensible work. In addition, brilliant luxury products will show off the charm of Matsuno, who is overwhelmed by their eyes as a character who possesses a luxurious and sophisticated image that can be absorbed without any sensation.
Lee Chung Ah has proved a broad spectrum by releasing a new movie that captures an avant-garde theater with a new look that is 180 degrees apart from her previous breakdown with the character "Kang Jun Ha" who has a free and warm soul in the drama "Beautiful World". In the second half of this year, we will be able to see various fields from the drama "VIP", "Again, Spring". The expectation of viewers is getting higher as Lee Chung Ah, who is actively pursuing actors, shows what kind of acting transformation she will show through this work.
On the other hand, SBS drama 'VIP' is scheduled to be broadcasted in autumn 2019.
Lee Jong Suk
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