[K-Drama]: Lee Dong Gun shares He got affection for ballet in 'The Angel's Last Mission: Love'


Lee Dong Gun shared on the 11th, "I am learning a lot about ballet for "The Angel's Last Mission: Love", and I became emotional because the dancers who participated in the movie worked very well. hard work, many great ballet scenes can be performed, I think a lot of gorgeous ballet gods will be memorable. ”


"The actors, bishops and staff who work with me have a lot of difficulties in filming. It seems to have brought a lot of fun despite shooting in many areas. Finally, I want to express my gratitude viewers watched 'The Angel's Last Mission: Love' with care and affection. "


Lee Dong Gun in 'The Angel's Last Mission: Love', he takes on the role of an angel, who swore his love for people before God and played an important role. He had accumulated enough stories about the character, from his wound to losing his beloved to the desire to regain the meaning of life. Steady and refined acting that Lee Dong Gun demonstrated once again proved that he was a trustworthy actor and expected his activities to be carried out.


On the other hand, KBS2's "The Angel's Last Mission: Love" starring Lee Dong Gun appeared in the final episode at 10:00 pm on the 11th.