[K-Drama]: Scriptwriters of 'Hotel Del Luna' Talked about the Possibility of Second Season Featuring Kim Soo Hyun

Sep 3, 2019


The last episode of 'Hotel Del Luna' did not only wrap up the amazing storyline but also gave away a pleasing surprise for the audience with the appearance of an unexpected guest, Kim Soo Hyun. After Kim Soo Hyun completed his military service, he has yet decided which drama or movie he will be returning with. However, without hesitation, as a great friend of both IU and Yeo Jin Goo, he made a special appearance on 'Hotel Del Luna.' 




In the epilogue of the last episode of 'Hotel Del Luna,' after Manwol is gone, Kim Soo Hyun takes over the place to continue running Hotel Bluemoon. 


Seeing Kim Soohyun run Hotel Bluemoon, the audience could not help but ask if there would be a second season for 'Hotel Del Luna' - with Kim Soohyun.  




Unfortunately, however, the scriptwriters for 'Hotel Del Luna,' the Hong sisters, have stated that they have no such plan. During an interview, the sisters mentioned, "It was wonderful to have amazing actors star in our show as a surprise. For such temporary roles, we already had our scripts ready. We did not write or change it accordingly to guests. It was also the case for the last epilogue. We had it written way before Kim Soohyun agreed to star in it. The scene was like a fan-service from the cast."


The Hong sisters emphasized that season two of 'Hotel Del Luna' with Kim Soohyun will not happen, saying "We heard about the rumors. However, no. It might be fun to have a male master for Hotel Bluemoon, but neither airing season two nor having Kim Soohyun as the leading role is true.


As 'Hotel Del Luna' was beloved by so many fans globally, it's sad to hear the news that the drama's over and there won't be a new season.