[K-Drama]: 'When the Devil Calls Your Name' of Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong released main poster


On July 1, "When the devil calls your name" was released the main poster. Jung Kyung Ho, who is shaken by the sweet whisper of Park Sung Woong, and the two visuals of reversal reflected on the piano, doubles his curiosity and stimulates his thrill. 




"When the devil calls your name" is a soul-winning mortgage comic Fantasy, a star composer who sang the soul to the devil, is a lifelong game in which life is lifted ahead of contract expiration. When she learns that her success has deprived her of the talent and life of a girl, Harip recounts the story of a girl, herself, and the rest of her life and realizing the essence of her life. It unleashes a realistic story on a fantasy setting with the motif of Goethe's classical masterpiece 'Faust', and predicts the birth of another dramatic dimension. 'Legend Combi' Jeong Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong's 180-degree smoke transformation have already made drama fans shake up.


More eye-catching is the 'real' face of the two on the piano. 'Hitsune maker' Harep does not seem to be here anymore, and an old and obscure unknown folk singer 'Seo Dongcheon' captivates his gaze. The wrinkled face contrasts with the lower part with everything from riches to honor to youthfulness. The cool smile of the devil 'Ryu' approached him also provoked apathy. The body of Ryu, who was hiding in the top star 'Motei River', seems to be burning hot like his silhouette. This adds to the meaningful sentence "Do you want to extend your contract with the devil 6 days before returning the soul?" And wonders what is the dangerous deal between them. 


Jung Kyung Ho plays the song "Harep", which sells the soul to the devil and the star composer. Park Sung Woo plays the demon "Ryu" who came to retrieve the soul of Harep. The delicate relationship between the two people who do not hesitate to strange symbiosis even when they are confronted for their own desires will bring pleasant fun and excitement.


"When the devil calls your name," the production team, "Jeong Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong do not have to explain the breath is the best, please pay attention to the transformation of the two actors to show a different face," and "fantasy material" It is a drama that melts music. It will be a dynamic drama that captures eyes, ears and minds. "