[K-Drama]: Who is the actor transformed into the beautiful girl in Korean screen?


Jang Dong Yoon (born July 12, 1992) is an aspiring Korean actor and model. He graduated from Han Yang University, Faculty of Economics and Finance before determined to change his career as an actor. Currently, he is an actor under the artist management company Clover Company. Before officially acting, Jang Dong Yoon was a free model. His good looks and ideal height help him receive many invitations from fashion magazines and brands.


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Jang Dong Yoon made his debut film, "Game Development Girls", produced by Naver TV Cast, marking his debut on the way to becoming a professional actor. In this work, Jang Dong Yoon plays Gom Gae Bal, a game developer on the phone who looks a little silly, arose with her colleague Ah Reum sitting opposite.


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Game Development Girls


In 2016, Jang Dong Yoon starred in JTBC's "Solomon's Perjury". He left a deep impression when he transformed into a high school student Han Ji Hoon, who was forced to become a lawyer in the hypothetical trial, in order to find the person behind the tragic death of his best friend at Jung High School. Guk. Thanks to the success of the film, Jang Dong Yoon's name has gradually gained public attention.


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Jang Dong Yoon in Solomon's Perjury


After that, Jang Dong Yoon regularly participated in a number of film projects such as A Poem a Day (2018), Mr. Sunshine (2018) ... The actor is increasingly proving his maturity in acting. In a speech at the KBS awards ceremony, Jang Dong Yoon shared that he will work hard to give the audience the most honest and emotional roles.


"Tale of Nokdu" is Jang Dong Yoon's desperate turning point in acting career. The work revolves around the guy Nok Du, a noble man who escaped an arranged marriage and disguised himself as a woman and then suddenly wandered into a village of women. For the first time, Jang Dong Yoon has to transform into a girl on the screen. After the character teaser video played by Jang Dong Yoon was announced, many viewers couldn't help but admire the beautiful appearance. There are even people who think that Jang Dong Yoon when transformed into a woman is even more attractive than co-star Kim So Hyun.

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Tale of Nokdu


The charm and good acting of Jang Dong Yoon with the female lead Kim So Hyun helped "Tale of Nodku" to attract the audience right from the first episodes broadcast. Becoming the hottest male face in Korean screen in October 2019 thanks to his unique role, this is the work that helps Jang Dong Yoon create a turning point in his career, bringing his name to the new ladder.