[K-Drama]: Yoon Kyun Sang two faces in poster 'Mr. Temporary'

The posters of the "Mr. Temporary" movie are released with two faces of the character Yoon Kyun Sang - the shallow lawyer Gi Moo Hyuk, who hides his identity and infiltrates a prestigious private school like a guide to discover the truth behind a murder.
Lee Jong Suk
The image on the left is Gi Moo Hyuk's secret character, friendly and approachable, and on the right is his real, sharp and assertive person.
The source from the film said: “The process of lawyer Gi Moo Hyuk working secretly at Chun Myung as a short-term instructor Gi Kang Jae as well as his job is to discover the truth of The murder case will be very attractive, and will make you sweat when you follow. ”
Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk
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