[K-Movie]: YoonA and Jo Jung Suk fear for their lives in new poster for movie 'Exit'


More posters have been revealed for upcoming film, 'Exit', starring Girls' Generation's YoonA and 'My Annoying Brother' actor Jo Jong Suk


The posters capture the essence of "disaster-comedy", as they all combine the peril of their situation with the hilarity of their facial expressions or their inner thoughts. 


'Exit' follows our two protagonists as they attempt to make their escape from the poisonous gas that has spread throughout the city. Jo Jong Suk plays Yong Nam, who is holding a birthday celebration for his mother's 70th birthday when he meets YoonA's character, Ui Joo, who shares the same alma mater as Yong Nam.


Check out the new film posters below, and look out for 'Exit', premiering in Korean cinemas July 31st.