K-pop idol groups to appear on NBC show 'Treadstone'

K-pop idol groups Hashtag and Noir will appear on American television action drama series "Treadstone." The seven-member girl group Hashtag, which debuted in 2017, has been preparing to release a digital single this month.
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K-pop girl group Hashtag.
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K-pop boy group Noir.
Nine-member K-pop boy band Noir is also preparing to embark on a European tour. Debuted in 2018, the group released its third mini-album "ABYSS" with lead single "Doom Doom" in June and will continue touring in the U.S. and Russia.
The U.S. TV series "Treadstone" is an action-packed thriller about CIA black ops program known as Operation Treadstone. The show has been grabbing attention in the U.S since it is based on the "Bourne" franchise.
It also drew attention from Korean fans because two Korean stars ― Lee Jong-hyuk and Han Hyo-ju ― were also cast in the show.
The idol groups will be the first K-pop idols to show up in an American TV drama.
"We appreciate being cast and we tried not to get in the way of shooting. We felt grateful just being there on the set," the idols said. 
The drama is produced by UCP, and developed by and executive produced by Tim Kring who also made the "Heroes" series. Ben Smith and Jeffrey Weiner joined as executive producers.
"Treadstone" will air on the NBC Universal USA Network from Oct. 15.