[K-Star]: Famous actors representing Korean film - Couple Song-Song is present

Jun 14, 2019

1. Song Joong Ki (37 votes)

As a famous Korean actor from the historical drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" (2010), Song Joong Ki has been repeatedly chosen by directors who have chosen to send gold in many films. blockbuster years later like "The Innocent Man", "A Werewolf Boy" (2012) ...
Lee Jong Suk
After completing his military service, he starred in the 2016 blockbuster drama "The Descendant of the Sun", attracting the highest viewer ratings in Korean television history (as of 2016) with 38.8%. This success brought his name to one of the top famous Hallyu stars at home and abroad.
Lee Jong Suk
Song Joong Ki's success brought him countless prestigious awards. The actor was honored to be the "Top 100 Future Generation of Leaders" with the 34th position, becoming the representative face of more than 30 brands in 2016. At the same time, when implementing the Asia fan-meeting series in the same year, 60,000 tickets have been sold out in a short time.
Married to famous actress Song Hye Kyo in October 2017, but his popularity did not decline. Even, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki are among the top 10 most powerful figures in entertainment industry by Forbes magazine.
Lee Jong Suk
You can watch Song Joong Ki's films at link: Click here

2. Kim Soo Hyun (25 votes)

Kim Soo Hyun excelled at no. 2 with 25 votes. The handsome actor started to become famous in 2012, after taking on the role of Lee Hwon in the historical drama "The Moon That Embraces The Sun"
Lee Jong Suk
However, he is the most popular public since "My Love From the Star" of SBS channel, especially in China. According to a survey of tvN's "The List" in 2016, actor Kim Soo Hyun surpassed many other fellow nationals to win the title of "The most famous Hallyu Star in China".
Lee Jong Suk
Kim Soo Hyun's popularity increased over time. Even, the ticket price for a fan meeting in Mainland China then fell from 3.5 million won (nearly 3,000 USD) or more. According to data from The List program, actor The Producers earned 59 million won (US $ 53,000) in each advertising contract, earning a total of 2 billion won in profits (nearly 1.8 million USD). ) for contracts in China only in 2016.
Currently Kim Soo Hyun is in the military, and will be demobilized on July 1st
You can watch Kim Soo Hyun's films at link: Click here

3. Gong Yoo (22 votes)

The first lead role in MBC romantic comedy "Coffee Prince". Choi Han Kyul's character in the drama is also one of his most notable roles at the time. The wide coverage of the film has made Gong Yoo one of the celebrities leading the Hallyu wave in the world.
Lee Jong Suk
2016 can be considered Gong Yoo's year when all three of his works in that year achieved impressive success. Before the drama "Goblin" on the small screen, the movie "Train to Busan" and "The Age of Shadows" were also appreciated by critics, becoming feverish names at the box office.
Lee Jong Suk
Even in the article published on May 29, CNN lovingly called Gong Yoo the "Top Korean Actor". Strongly influenced by the movie "Goblin", the actor was awarded the title of Best TV Actor at the "Baeksang Arts Awards 53" awards ceremony, honor the contributions to the Korean entertainment industry.
You can watch Gong Yoo's films at link: Click here
The three remaining positions in the chart were respectively Park Bo Gum with 21 votes, Song Hye Kyo with 17 votes and Jun Ji Hyun with 16 votes.