[K-Star]: Goo Hye Sun shared on Instagram, will withdraw from the entertainment industry after the divorce scandal Ahn Jae Hyun?


On September 1, Goo Hye Sun continued to update her social network Instagram to share her current situation. The actress shared, “Hello, I'm Goo Hye Sun. I want to say my last greetings to all of you before I publish the new novel "I'm Your Companion Animal". I am truly grateful for your attention and love for me during this time. Thanks to you, I was able to realize my dream. Future, please take care of your health and happiness. I love you. From Goo Hye Sun. ”


Goo Hye Sun


Immediately after Goo Hye Sun shared the above thoughts, many netizens speculated that the actress was implying that she would retire, withdraw from the entertainment industry after the recent divorce and revealed scandal. about polyps surgery. Meanwhile, fans are extremely worried about the actress right now.


Also this afternoon, Goo Hye Sun updated the screen image containing the background of the song HAPPY, which she composed and released in 2013. Each lyrics contains regret and heartbreaking feelings after the split. Hand with the person you love. Goo Hye Sun accompanied the caption in the post: "Aren't we happy if I don't say I love you". Many netizens speculated that she was expressing her feelings after disagreements with Ahn Jae Hyun.