[K-Star]: Kim Soo Hyun enlisted in the army but still has a lot of money for this reason

Jun 7, 2019

The advertising industry is calling Kim Soo Hyun's name. Still more than a month away, he had just completed his military service and officially returned to the entertainment industry, but rumors of brands completed the signing of Kim Soo Hyun as a representative model that was flooded all over. place. A source also said: "Before joining the army, Kim Soo Hyun received one billion won for advertising contracts. That number probably won't change even though he has been absent for the past two years. . "
Lee Jong Suk
Kim Soo Hyun reached the ranks of A-class stars thanks to the drama "The Moon Embraces The Sun" with "My Love From The Star". Just before the enlistment, Kim Soo Hyun became a model representing a series of men's clothing brands, cosmetics, and products in the financial industry and famous car brands. Not only possessing a huge contract number, Kim Soo Hyun's term and time to renew advertising contracts are in the "long-term" ranks, recording positive signals.
Lee Jong Suk
The brand of outdoor clothing signed a contract with Kim Soo Hyun, which lasted from 2012 to 2016. Meanwhile, a men's clothing brand signed a five-year contract, which lasted from 2012 to 2017. Before entering Team, Kim Soo Hyun also continued to sign a travel agency, appearing on promotional clips despite being in the army.
No official information has been released yet, but the advertising companies are all waiting for Kim Soo Hyun's comeback in the near future. Many other famous stars like Im Si Wan, Lee Min Ho or Kang Ha Neul are also discharged this year, but Kim Soo Hyun is the most anticipated character. Kim Soo Hyun has also received many calls for future plans, since his last appearance on the big screen with "Real" (2017)
Lee Jong Suk
Kim Soo Hyun enlisted on October 23, 2017. He will officially demobilize in July
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