[K-Star]: Kim Soo Hyun To Complete Military Enlistment Earlier In July 1st

Jun 26, 2019


Slated for the very first day of July, Kim Soo Hyun Soo Hyun is ready to resume his career and return as an actor. Although previously set for July 22, Kim Soo Hyun received an early discharge and will be back on the 1st of July instead.


On June 25, Kim Soo Hyun’s management made the announcement, saying that a private ceremony will be held for Kim Soo Hyun together with his unit.



In addition, KeyEast stated that Kim Soo Hyun will briefly greet fans. However, they ask for order, so as to prevent damage to the unit as well as the surrounding areas.


Kim Soo Hyun joined the active duty in October 2017. He completed the five week basic military training successfully as he received a good grade . He joined the 1st Division Search Corps and resumed the full scale military service. The 1st Search Corps conducts high risk and potentially dangerous missions at the forefront, including search and ambush operations between the MDL and the SBL. Only 0.1% of recruits are selected for the Search Corps. They choose recruits who are excellent in all aspects such as their physical strength and mental abilities. Therefore, Kim Soo Hyun is one of the best military recruits of the division. This is impressive for the actor.


Kim Soo Hyun


Kim Soo Hyun Soo Hyun put his successful career to a temporary halt in 2017 when he joined the boot camp. Prior to his enlistment, he had a string of successful dramas. He started his career in 2007 series Kim Soo Hyunchi Smile. The handsome actor gained popularity in KBS drama Dream High. Alongside IU, Bae Suzy and Ok Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun charmed the viewers with their refreshing faces and immense talents in both singing and acting. Further elevating his popular status, he appeared in The Moon Embracing The Sun. As Lee Hwon, Kim Soo Hyun displayed a more mature sense in his acting as the king who falls in love with a shaman, Wol (Han Ga In).


But his most successful and biggest role to date is his alien Do Min Joon portrayal. In My Love From The Star, Kim Soo Hyun Soo Hyun surged to became one of Korean wave’s superstar and a household name all over the world.


Just before enlistment, Kim Soo Hyun joined the powerhouse cast of The Producers. As Seung Chan, he portrayed an innocent and often naive variety show production team member.