[K-Star]: Legal battle between Kang Daniel and former management company LM Entertainment


Recently, the solo information of "national center" Kang Daniel has always been enthusiastically sought by fans. Kang Daniel is currently in the final stages to prepare for his impressive solo debut in the future. Besides, there is a lot of interest in the sidelines of the legal contract between Kang Daniel and the former company LM Entertainment. Recently, the end of this legal struggle has been updated. It is the court that has not yet issued a decision on LM Ent's appeal to Kang Daniel.


Specifically, according to the latest developments, the court has not yet issued a decision on LM Ent appeal for Kang Daniel. On July 10, the Seoul Central District Court completed the discussion of the LM appeal after Kang Daniel's legal representative presented additional documents to the case. Especially both Kang Daniel and former owner LM Entertainment said that July 10 was not the final day of the ruling as announced earlier.


 Cuộc chiến pháp lý giữa Kang Daniel và LM dần đi vào hồi kết.


The court has previously approved the termination of Kang Daniel's exclusive contract with LM Entertainment and he can still continue to pursue the artistic path. However, LM still did not give up and filed an appeal and both sides expressed their guidelines clearly. As a result, the court has not yet ruled on the LM Ent appeal for Kang Daniel because some additional documents need to be reviewed. Although this problem is as if it seems that the legal battle between Kang Daniel and the former parent company has gradually come to an end. Fans hope that it will be finished soon before the debut solo debut of the national center Kang Daniel takes place.



 Fan rất mong chờ màn debut solo thuận lợi của Daniel.


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