[K-Star]: Song Hye Kyo Shines At Jewelry Event In Monaco


Fashion magazine Elle Hong Kong posted a video on the official SNS on November 11, "Song Hye Kyo appeared in Monaco to attend the jewelry event." 


Song Hye Kyo, who is in the public image, said, "Good afternoon, Hello Hong Kong readers, I am Song Hye Kyo. I am in Monaco, and it is an honor to be happy to introduce you to my wonderful jewelery. I was proud of my beauty. "


Earlier, Song Hye Kyo attended a cosmetics brand event held in Sanya, Hainan Province, China on June 6. After the announcement of the divorce, it was the first time that it was revealed to the public. 



Song Hye Kyo, who showed off his charm with a white dress, smiled and waved his hand to fans. 


In particular, the fans cheered on Song Hye Kyo with a plan card with the phrase 'We will always cheer you on' at the venue. So, Song Hye-kyo told his fans, "I am so grateful that so many people come to support me today. I will continue to work harder and give you a better look.