'Kill It' episode 2: Jang Ki Yong two rescues Nana escapes death, will it make loveline?


The fateful spiral continues to draw Kim Soo Hyun and Do Hyun Jin close together when Hyun Jin moves to live beside him. Above all the owner of the building is Seul Gi, the only witness in the murder of boyfriend Hyun Jin nine years ago. The fate of all three became suddenly connected.


The personality is a bit arrogant, but Hyun Jin is the type of person who is rich in love, righteous and quite popular. Because of the deep interest in other people's lives, Hyun Jin made Soo Hyun feel extremely annoying. Not being friendly or talking to her like friends, Soo Hyun clarifies the distance between the two. With an assassin like him getting close to someone like a double-edged sword can kill himself at any time.


Cả ba giờ đây sống cạnh nhau.



Kill It (Truy sát) tập 2: Jang Ki Yong hai lần cứu Nana thoát chết, sẽ tạo nên loveline?



Chủ tòa nhà lại là cô bé nhân chứng Hyun Jin đang cố tìm.



Hyun Jin nhiệt thành và rất thích giúp đỡ người khác.


Nhưng lòng nhiệt tình của cô khiến người khác cảm thấy phiền phức.



Nhưng lòng nhiệt tình của cô khiến người khác cảm thấy phiền phức.



Soo Hyun phân định rõ ranh giới với cô.


Một sát thủ như anh không được quá thân thiết với bất cứ ai.



Điều này khiến Hyun Jin bị tổn thương.


Because Hyun Jin was genuinely extremely lonely, she had to be held back and imprisoned from both parents since she was a child, so she was afraid to return home. The sad times like this, easy to understand when she came to Soo Hyun to present some confidences. Hyun Jin does not need him to understand what she said, just being silent and listening to her like that is enough. Despite rejecting the desire to make friends with Hyun Jin, Soo Hyun also gradually opened heart to her.


The mission to catch the head of the trafficking women's line that Hyun Jin is tracking coincides is also the goal that Soo Hyun wants to eliminate. Because Hyun Jin risked his life alone into the enemy's lair to delve into the case, it was quickly discovered. As he struggled fiercely, Soo Hyun appeared in time to disperse the criminal's attention to help Hyun Jin escape within a short distance.


Unable to let the leader escape, Hyun Jin ventured to pursue. Initially at the initiative, Hyun Jin did not anticipate that the criminal would open fire first, immediately without any defense. In order for her not to be injured, Soo Hyun saved her time and replaced her with guns. Soo Hyun also quickly eliminates the leader.



Hyun Jin một mình vào hang địch.



Nhanh chóng bị lộ tẩy.



Soo Hyun kịp lúc đến phân tán sự chú ý giúp cô.



Hyun Jin truy bắt tên cầm đầu đến cùng.



Soo Hyun đã lao ra cứu cô và đỡ phát súng.



Soo Hyun đã lao ra cứu cô và đỡ phát súng.



Cả hai đã cahmj mắt nhau.



Loveline sẽ xảy ra?


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