Kim Bum shows off pictures for the first time after he is discharged


On March 20, on the personal page, actor Kim Bum showed off his first photos since he discharged from the army a week ago. In black-and-white images, Kim Bum is mature and masculine, standing in the door of the room. In the close-up corner, the male face of 8X with delicate lines made the female audience surprised.


Kim Bum lan dau khoe anh sau xuat ngu hinh anh 1 k.kbeom_90086118_2765782250123619_3077100200069758168_n.jpg

Kim Bum lan dau khoe anh sau xuat ngu hinh anh 2 k.kbeom_90029498_650730715498274_8292993954414991704_n.jpg


The photo immediately drew attention from the public. Under the comment section, a large audience expressed admiration for Kim Bum's balanced body and masculine appearance

After leaving the army, Kim Bum decided to return to the small screen. According to sources, the actor is currently in talks with tvN to participate in a fictional film project called The Tale of Gumiho. This work will feature Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah.


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