Kim Rae Won And Lee Da Hee Gear Up For A Fight In Posters For Action Thriller Drama

Jan 5, 2021

tvN’s upcoming action drama “L.U.C.A” has released its main posters!
“L.U.C.A” is about a man named Ji Oh (Kim Rae Won) who is being chased for his special skills, and a violent crimes detective named Gu Reum (Lee Da Hee) who is the only one who remembers him. Other actors in the cast include Kim Sung Oh, Kim Sang Ho, Park Hyuk Kwon, Ahn Nae Sang, Jin Kyung, Jung Da Eun, Kim Min Gwi, and Lee Joong Ok.
If the teaser posters for the drama hinted at Kim Rae Won’s unlimited potential for action, then the main poster shows his collaboration with an amazing team of actors. Each character in the poster has their own ambitions and goals and are determined to track down Ji Oh in order to to overturn the world as they know it. The caption for the poster reads, “The action that overcomes limits begins now.”
City Couple’s Way of Love
Although Ji Oh’s powers and the exact relationship between him and Gu Reum are yet to be revealed, Kim Rae Won and Lee Da Hee stand back-to-back in the poster, showing a united front against those who are pursuing them. Lee Son (Kim Sung Oh) is chief among these pursuers, with a beast-like instinct for the hunt, while Choi Jin Hwan (Kim Sang Ho), the team leader of the violent crimes division, shows his charisma as a veteran police officer.
Park Hyuk Kwon, Ahn Nae Sang, and Jin Kyung play employees of the “Human Tech” research center that lies at the heart of the world of “L.U.C.A.” Park Hyuk Kwon plays Kim Chul Soo, the secret person in charge of the biotechnology project at Human Tech. Ahn Nae Sang plays Ryu Joong Kwon, a manager at the research center who has an obsession with creating the perfect human. Jin Kyung plays Hwang Jung Ah, a mysterious character who established Human Tech and hired the greatest scientists for her mission. Jung Da Eun, Kim Min Gwi, and Lee Joong Ok play Choi Yoo Na, Kim Tae Oh, and Kim Hwang Sik, who along with Lee Son (Kim Sung Oh) are part of the “special forces” at Human Tech.
City Couple’s Way of Love
“L.U.C.A” premieres on February 1 at 9 p.m. KST.
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Source: [Soompi]