Kim Soo Hyun and Han Hyo Joo declined to join in the upcoming drama on Netflix titled "Finger"

Jan 4, 2021


According to the latest reports on the morning of January 4, Kim Soo Hyun refused to participate in the upcoming Netflix film titled "Finger".


Previously, in November 2020, Kim Soo Hyun received an offer to play the male lead in Netfix's upcoming project "Finger" after the drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay". However, after the time of discussion, Kim Soo Hyun refused to participate.


Kim Soo Hyun has been cast as an interior designer. Contrary to his handsome and talented appearance, the male protagonist is originally a murderer with a personality disorder, introspection and suffering from many injuries.


Besides, also according reports to January 4 , actress Han Hyo Joo also refused to participate in the "Finger". Previously, Han Hyo Joo was cast as the female lead, but due to the filming schedule of "Moving", Han Hyo Joo refused too.