‘Law School’ Episode 16 Ends with a New Beginning for Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young and the Rest of Hankuk University Law Students

Jun 9, 2021

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Korean drama "Law School," starring Kim Bum, Kim Myung Min, and Ryu Hye Young, wrapped up the season with a surprising finale.
The JTBC Wednesday and Thursday series delivered an intense episode that got the viewers all hooked up.

"Law School" Viewership Rating

According to Nielsen Korea, the "Law School" finale garnered an average nationwide viewership rating of 6.1 percent while 6.5 percent in the metropolitan area.
Although it is a slight decrease from their previous episode with 6.3 and 6.7 percent for its two parts, #LawSchoolFinalVerdict and #LawSchoolEp16 became a trending topic on social media as viewers shared their thoughts on the much-awaited ending.

"Law School" Episode 16 Recap: Assemblyman Ko's Downfall

Sell Your Haunted House
The season finale starts with Assemblyman Ko Hyeong Soo (Jung Won Joong) gets arrested for manipulating fake news and other unlawful activities.
In hopes of protecting his image, he held a press conference and claimed that the arrest was a ploy to sabotage him.
Unfortunately, the case against him pushed through, and he was arrested for online manipulation and murder.
As for Prosecutor Jin Hyung Woo (Park Hyuk Kwon), who used to be his ally, the politician gets furious and pointed out that the prosecutor did not destroy the evidence.
However, Jin Hyung Woo insisted that he doesn't want to get involved with his case and plays the voice memo that Professor Yang Jong Hoon (Kim Myung Min) gave him.
The audio recording revealed how Assemblyman Ko was the mastermind behind the murder of Lee Man Ho and Professor Seo.

Assemblyman Ko's First Trial

"Law School" episode 16 also featured the start of Assemblyman Ko's downfall.
During his first trial, Professor Yang entered the court with a sign that said "victim."
Ki Du-Seung, who was the prisoner who stabbed Professor Yang, appeared as the first witness.
At the court, he pointed out that the politician offered him early parole to murder Yang Jong Hoon.
This was followed by Kang Sol A's twin, Kang Dan (Ryu Hye Young). She appeared at the witness stand and brought evidence that would bring down Assemblyman Ko.
A voice memo featured the conversation between Kang Dan, a.k.a Erica Shin, and the politician. The audio recording revealed how Ko Hyeong Soo threatened Kang Dan if she opened her mouth and exposed his secrets.
Moreover, she mentioned that she was forced to leave Korea because of Assemblyman Ko. This strengthened the evidence against the corrupt politician.

Hankuk Law Mock Trial

Amid the legal proceedings of Assemblyman Ko, Hankuk law students gear up for the mock trial.
Han Joo Hwi (Kim Bum,) Kang Sol A, and Kang Sol B (Lee Soo Kyung) were all in one group as they worked on the defense team.
As the group presented their argument, Erica Shin walked into the room and watched her sister deliver her speech, but Sol A did not get a chance to see her sister
Despite their efforts, Seo Ji Ho's (Lee David) team won.

Erica Shin Lauds Kang Sol A

"Law School" finale also displayed the affection between the twins.
As Erica Shin is about to leave the country, she rings Sol A and tells her that she is so proud of her and predicts that she will be a good lawyer.
In addition, she also thanked her sister for raising Assemblyman Ko's case and mentioned that she could return to Korea without getting worried.

Kang Sol A and Han Joo Hwi Works Side by Side with Professor Yang

"Law School" episode 16 also featured a new beginning for the students.
Kang Sol A turned out to be a lawyer and worked alongside attorney Park as the duo ran a law firm.
As for Han Joo Hwi, he turned out to be a great prosecutor.
The highly anticipated finale also showed that Sol A and Joo Hwi received a call and headed out to the university. There, they were welcomed by Professor Yang.
"The law is imperfect justice. But when you teach law, the law must be perfect," said Yang Jong Hoon as the trio walked in the Hankuk law lobby.
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