Lee Hong Ki Reassures Fans About FTISLAND’s Future Following Choi Jong Hoon’s Departure

Mar 18, 2019

FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki gave fans some words of reassurance at a recent concert in Hong Kong.
During the opening, he relayed his sincere apology to the fans and said, “FTISLAND was going to perform in Hong Kong, but I’m so sorry that it was canceled. But I still came. Although I’m the only one, I still came.”
Then he continued, “It will be a slightly different performance from FTISLAND, but it will still be fun. It’s my last solo concert [before I enter the military]. There’s been a lot of things going on lately, and I want to tell you, I haven’t changed, and I want to interact with you through music.”
With a smile, Lee Hong Ki assured, “I know everyone is worried a lot. There will be more FTISLAND performances in the future, so don’t worry. You have to promise me that. Come visit Korea because there is a performance in Korea.”
He also thanked everyone on Instagram after the concert and wrote, “There were so many people here that I couldn’t take all the pictures. Thank you. While singing ‘Thank You’ today, the lyrics touched my heart. I’ll do my best to sing. Good night, GNworld.”
Former FTISLAND leader Choi Jong Hoon recently announced his departure from the band and industry after he became embroiled in a large controversy, in which he has been accused of drunk driving, police bribery, illegal filming, and sharing of illicit videos.
Source: Soompi