Lee Ki Woo In Talks To Play A Chaebol Heir In Upcoming SBS Drama

Mar 6, 2019

On March 6, TVReport reported that Lee Ki Woo had been cast in the upcoming SBS drama “Doctor Detective” (literal translation).
Lee Ki Woo’s agency, Outer Korea, responded to the reports by saying, “He is still in talks for the drama. Nothing has been confirmed yet.”
“Doctor Detective” is a drama that aims to expose the dark side of society by shining a light on social irregularities. It is the first drama from the producing director (Park Joon Woo) and writer (Song Yoon Hee) of the educational/cultural show “The Its Know.”
Actress Kim Hyun Joo has reportedly been cast in the role of the female lead, Joong Eun Yi.
If Lee Ki Woo takes the role, he will be playing a third-generation chaebol heir, Choi Tae Young. He is talented but has no energy or ambition and longs only for his past life of freedom. He was previously married to Joong Eun Yi, but they got divorced due to misunderstandings about an extramarital affair. However, he is more interested in winning back her heart than being the head of his company, TG.
Lee Ki Woo last appeared in the SBS weekend drama “Fates and Furies.” “Doctor Detective” is slated to air after “Secret Boutique” ends in August.

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