Let's get to know the three beauties at "Penthouse"

Dec 18, 2020

In the Drama "Penthouse", the three main characters Shim Su Ryeon, Cheon Seo Jin and Oh Yoon Hee are played by Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon and Eugene respectively.


Lee Ji Ah


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The actress was once called by the Korean media by the name "Lying Beauty" after a series of private secrets was revealed in 2011. Lee Ji Ah is just a fake name she used when she joined the entertainment industry in 2004. She married Korean music legend Seo Taiji in 1997 before getting divorced in the early 2010. Lee Ji Ah's complicated personal life gave her time to leave the entertainment industry.


Lee Ji Ah impressed with her first role in Suzini in the "The Legend" (2007). She continued to make her mark with her roles in "Beethoven Virus" (2008) and "Athena: Goddess of War" (2009). To date, Lee Ji Ah has appeared in 9 dramas, two movies and one TV series. In 2007, Lee Ji Ah was named at the MBC Television Awards and the 44th Beaksang Awards for her role in "The Legend".


"Penthouse" is Lee Ji Ah's latest drama. In the "Penthouse", she plays the role of Shim Su Ryeon, a woman who has lived rich since birth. Su Ryeon lives with her husband in the apartment on the top floor of Hera. She is the kind of gentle woman who will indulge in her husband and children. Never experienced material hardship, but is a woman who has suffered bitterness in her life. Seeing her daughter die, and discovering that the husband is the biggest enemy, Shim Su Ryeon is step by step pushed into a position ready to exchange everything for revenge.


Kim So Yeon


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Kim So Yeon's acting career began at the age of 14 with her role in the SBS drama "Dinosaur Teacher" (1992-1995). She then acted in a movie with her role in the movie "Change" (1997). Famous in her teens, Kim So Yeon is not popular with fastidious parents because of her mature image before her age. However, in the Korean entertainment industry, she belongs to the group of female artists with a pure private life. Kim So Yeon married actor Lee Sang Woo in 2017.


During her acting career, Kim So Yeon left a deep impression on her villain role Young Mi in "All About Eve" (2000). In 2016, the role of a woman with a difficult life in "Happy Home" earned her recognition from critics. She was honored "Best Actress" at the SBS 2018 Television Awards and KBS Television Awards 2019. In 2010, she appeared with Lee Ji Ah in the TV series "Athena: Goddess of War".


The role of the arrogant and selfish subordinate Cheon Seo Jin in "Penthouse" given to Kim So Yeon was the right choice. Despite having a successful and wealthy career, Seo Jin is still not satisfied. She had an affair with husband Su Ryeon, forced her daughter to her will, harmed others by all means to achieve her goal. Seo Jin is willing to let his biological father die without saving, just because he wants to preserve the right to inherit the property.




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She is a former member of the idol group S.E.S. famous in Asia in the late 1990s, early 2000s. After S.E.S. sisbanded, Eugene turned to acting and left an impression. In 2011, she won the "Best Actress" award for a special short film at the 2011 KBS Television Awards for her role in "Princess Hwapyung's Weight Loss". At the 2015 KBS Television Awards, she won the "Best Actress" award for her role in "All About My Mom".


To date, Eugene has 12 television roles and 4 movie roles. In 2011, she married actor Ki Tae Young. Since 2016, she temporarily put off her acting to take care of her family. "Penthouse" marks the actress's return to the small screen after a four-years. With his experience, Eugene played the role of Oh Yoon Hee, a mother from poor backgrounds who decided to go to the upper class to care for a brighter future for her children.


Oh Yoon Hee did not want her daughter to pursue art out of fear that one day she would have the same misfortune. The single mother is not only wholeheartedly concerned so that her child will not be inferior to her friends, but also takes care of her spiritual life. Yoon Hee's character, along with Lee Ji Ah's Su Ryeon are two symbols of the mother, completely opposite to Seo Jin's imposing and emotionless teaching.